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Acquire knowledge





Our seminars and trainings support the development of media skills in order to be able to participate in public communication (self)confidentialy and in a positive way. Participants acquire new knowledge and immediately apply it in practice.


Do you have specific ideas about your training on media literacy or international communication? Then talk to us and together we will adapt the training to your needs!


So far we have offered trainings on the following topics:


  • Content creation for social media

  • Online research like the pros

  • Systematic and critical (international) media monitoring

  • Editorial practice

  • Intercultural communication

  • Empirical methods in a practice-oriented manner

  • Read and analyze surveys and statistics correctly

  • Science communication

  • Conflict-sensitive reporting

  • Recognize and overcome stereotypes


The trainings take place as face-to-face or blended learning events. We always use different learning methods: input from trainers, discussions, self-determined development of content, exercises, feedback, process-oriented learning as well as creativity techniques.


Acquire expert knowledge


Reflect on a given topic


Exchange with others

Our seminars support the participants in acquiring expert knowledge, in reflecting complex topics and in discovering new aspects in exchange with others. We address target groups who want to think outside the box. Be it to find out how the media work in other countries or to critically refelct one's own media usage. We have already offered seminars on the following topics.


Would you like a different focus or a new topic? Please feel free to contact us!


  • Media ethics (internationally)

  • Media and transformation processes

  • Understanding the media system in Germany

  • How media systems work worldwide

  • Foreign reporting

  • Conflict sensitive reporting

  • Media and migration

  • Innovations in journalism

  • Media effects research

  • Media and democracy


The seminars take place as face-to-face, blended learning events or pure e-learning courses. We use different teaching and learning methods. However, the focus is on the input from trainers, the discussion and the self-determined development of content.


Hear expert knowledge


Reflect on a given topic

In a lecture the audience is least active. But lectures are still not boring with us. We always work with activating elements, humor and interaction. Regardless of whether it is about media, intercultural communication, e-learning or current media (politics) developments.


We want to enrich your event. So please contact us with your lecture requests! Here is a small selection of the lectures that we have already given:


  • Media in a Democracy - The Case of Germany, Summer School "Contested Governance" for Students from Sub-Sahara Africa, Freiburg.

  • Political (Social Media) Communication Contexts in the Arab World, Internal Workshop of the German Foreign Ministry and the Germany Information Center, Cairo

  • Journalism cultures: public opinion formation in comparison, advanced training seminar for foreign students, STUBE, Stuttgart

  • Perception of the Other - Images in and through the Media, German-Israeli-Palestinian Summer School, Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future, Kastellaun

  • Media Accountability and Transparency in the MENA region, Erich Brost Institute for International Journalism, Dortmund

  • Media and democratic transformation processes, advanced training seminar for foreign students, KAAD, Mühlheim (Ruhr)

  • The media systems of the Arab world, Erich Brost Institute for International Journalism

  • Didactics and implementation in e-learning courses, Virtual University of Bavaria & Learntec, Karlsruhe

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