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Digital Training and
Teaching Materials

We support the media-didactical and multi-media conception of your training and teaching materials. These include, for example:


  • E-learning courses

  • Blended learning concepts

  • Multi-media-stories

  • Digital teaching materials such as manuals or textbooks


Still not sure which is the right way of digital teaching? No problem! We are happy to consult you from the first step. Let yourself be inspired by our projects. Or call us without any obligation!


Trainings, Seminars and Lectures on Media Literacy

We give lectures, seminars and trainings on a wide range of media and communication topics. The focus of our lectures is to provide knowledge about and competency on the functioning of public communication and media in different societies around the world.


  • How does public communication work in democracies? How in autocracies or countries under transition? What happens to public communication in crises and conflicts?


Our seminars and trainings support the development of media skills in order to be able to participate in public communication (self) confidentialy and in a positive way.


  • How do I use social media creatively, sensibly and efficiently? How do I rate information on the Internet? How do I communicate in intercultural contexts?


Choose from our existing thematic repertoire . Or develop the right one for you together with us!


Research on International Communication

We create research designs in the field of international and intercultural communication. We conduct empirical research and provide state-of-the-art reports. We respond to your specific questions and needs. These might include, for example:


  • Evaluations of education, communication and media projects worldwide

  • Analysis of non-European media markets, communication and user cultures

  • Exploration and feasibility studies on media projects at home and abroad

  • Content analysis and media monitoring


Convince yourself of our expertise! Take a look at our projects. Or just talk to us!


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